Modular Walls & Rooms

The most effective wall system for constructing tanning booths, massage rooms, spray tan rooms, dressing rooms, and much more is now available with a wide variety of colors and textures.


Do you need a quick setup? Our most popular wall system is perfect. There is no better choice when you are looking for style and cost-effectiveness. Why settle for boring just so you can pay less? Choose TanWall™ for a cheaper solution with a “flare.”


Guess what? You can Mix n’ Match! That’s right! Choose different styles and colors for the outside of your modular room than on the inside. Contact our Design Specialists for more information.

TanWall’s Door Options

Take your pick from any of our standard choices without the worry of price change.
Feeling adventurous? Go wild and UPGRADE

Door Sizes


2668 Single Door

30″ wide by 80″ high.

3068 Single Door

36″ wide by 80″ high.

Flush Door Colors


Bright White
Silver (Upgrade)
Black (Upgrade)

2-Panel Door Color

Antique White
Frame Color
Custom Colors

Custom colors are available on request

Standard Style Door

2-Panel Door

Upgrade Style Door

Flush Door

Door Color Options

Flush Door: Standard color= bright white

***Upgrade option= black and silver

Custom color and color match available

2-Panel Door: Standard color=antique white

***Upgrade option=black and silver

Custom color and color match available

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